Signed CD

Signed CD


RELEASE DATE: July 12, 2019

Recorded in Austin, Texas and produced by Daniel Mendez (Noah Gundersen, The Native Sibling), Some Fights You’ll Never Win is Norfolk, Virginia based singer-songwriter Michael Paul Lawson’s debut record. Returning to Austin, where Lawson spent childhood summers visiting his father, was cathartic. It had been 16 years since Lawson was last in hill country, and 16 years since he last saw his father’s silhouette in the back of a squad car, when the constant drinking and violence came to head in the Texas night, ultimately leading to their estrangement. It was an odd place to return now that he was carving out a new life path, but it also felt strangely in step with the material he had written for his debut EP, Some Fights You’ll Never Win (July 12, 2019). He was reconciling his relationship with his father, there in the flesh, and in the studio, as he committed his highly personal songs to tape. It was a healing experience, coming full circle, continuing the lineage of musical craftsmanship that had run in his family for generations.

“Lawson creates visceral Americana, blending prose and raw realities into folk songs that recall the early work of Jason Isbell and John Prine” - Northern Transmissions

“Michael Paul Lawson is on our 2019 artist watch list and should be on yours as well.” - Nashville Music Guide

1. Some Fights You’ll Never Win
2. Memories and Throttle
3. Wolf by the Tail
4. Outside the Walls
5. Best That We Can
6. Riverman
7. Valleys

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